Those who know me often poke fun at my so called addiction to Mt. Olive's no sugar added bread & butter pickles. Leave me alone with these things and the jar is gone in less than a day. When these first came out I was on a no sugar diet and seeing my favorite bread & butters in a no sugar variety just about made my eyes bulge out of  my head. In fact, do a little blog search and there are a few mentions of these-- look on my "favorite things" list as well. I let Mt. Olive know just how much I love their pickles and they offered to send me some of their picklePAK's. Two kinds arrived promptly at my house and I could not wait to rip into them. I love that these packs are individual portions of pickles that you can take with you! How great for packed lunches, picnics or just on the go.
Here are the Hamburger Dill Chips:
Here are the Sweet Petites:

Both are obviously great pickles, they are made by Mt. Olive you know. The dill chips had that classic dill flavor with large, perfectly flavored "chips". PERFECT with a great sandwich or just a snack. The sweets were so stinkin' cute, they were tiny mini cucumbers with a great sweet pickle flavor perfect for snacking. Both of these pickles were picklicious for sure! Will they replace my Mt. Olive no sugar added bread & butters? Not a chance. But they are the perfect snack in a great on the go container. PS-- my S.O. said the dills were the best they have ever tasted. Yum!