Find your sweet spot

Thank you to Sweet Spot Pillow for letting me try out one of their luxury pillows designed just for me! Don't worry you can design your own Sweet Spot Pillow too, just use their cool "Pillow Advisor" tool found on their website that asks you questions like how you sleep and your build to recommend the best possible pillow for you, then you also have a variety of sizes to choose from to make your pillow even more custom. My best pillow match was the Low-Profile and I chose the Queen size. "This model has the least amount of support chamber fill and loft for back, stomach and petite side sleepers. This is not a flat pillow."
So why choose a Sweet Spot pillow over a standard pillow? How about this?
  • Helps promote better circulation
  • Better loft to reduce shoulder pain
  • Reduces arm numbness and neck fatigue
  • CPAP/BPAP friendly for apnea sleepers
  • Helps offset cumulative Sleep Debt
  • Hypoallergenic fill
  • 100% soft cotton tailored shell
  • Hand crafted Amish quality
  • Convenient travel case
  • Machine Washable
  • Comfort Guarantee

Not only is this a great present to yourself but how about a great present for those you love? I can not think of a better present than that of a great night sleep. I can only speak for my own Sweet Spot pillow but laying on this pillow my neck felt relaxed and my spine felt in line with the way my head was resting, I just feel more comfortable in general. I love that instead of flattening out when I am laying on this pillow it keeps its shape. For all of this it is also very affordable-- and comes with a guarantee, if I were you I would log on fast because they are currently hosting a BOGO sale that will not last long.