Every mom can be a Glamourmom

As a nursing mom I know I do not always feel or look so glamorous but Glamourmom is helping all nursing mama's in this department by offering fashionable nursing tops and bras. It really isn't easy to find cute but still easy to breastfeed tops so I just love this tank that I could wear as is or throw a zip-up or cardigan over for an easy and very functional look. This tank is new from Glamourmom and features extra long design (which I love) and a tummy control panel.

In addition it also has their built in nursing bra that you can do with just one hand and is designed for full privacy even in public. The sketch shows how it works:
I love the material too since it is a mix of cotton and elastane it holds its shape. I have already worn this top a few times and am browsing the Glamourmom site to see what else needs to be added to my wardrobe as I plan on nursing for another year or so at least! Hop on their site and see what you find, I also spotted they that are running a promotion to win 100.00 of their products! Go there now!