You can call me obsessed if you want

Chobani has made quite a few appearances on my blog over the last couple of years and for good reason, it is simply amazing yogurt. If you don't eat greek yogurt currently you just have to try it. Greek yogurt is actually nothing like the "yogurt" most of us are used to but its a thick, decadent, creamy treat. I love this yogurt for so many reasons-- a high protein snack is what I usually have it for but its also awesome in the morning layered with fruit and granola, in the afternoon mixed with ranch seasoning and used as a dipper for your veggies or a creamy layer on your wrap and as a dessert for sure (you can see my Chobani recipes here, here, here, here or here). Chobani was kind enough to send me a great assorted case of their O% fat and low fat yogurt selections in great flavors like strawberry, honey, plain etc... AND here is the great part-- one lucky reader can win the exact same selection that I was able to score. So what do you have to do to win? Go ahead and visit the Chobani website, after you are through send me an email with a Chobani factoid  and I will randomly select a winner. Get our email to me by next Friday at midnight and I will announce the winner on Saturday. Good luck!