Nutritious Meals To Go

Now who doesn't need nutritious meals to go? I am needing them more than on the go these days, the only time I have to grab a bite to eat is when my son is eating as well. If I eat at another time he wants only what mommy has. So that is why I was so psyched to try The Healthy Baking Companies two product lines-- Heart Thrive and Suncakes.
Heart Thrive:
Heart Thrives are a delicious, VEGAN and NON-GMO energy bar. Made with oats, soy and dried fruits, each Heart Thrive supplies 30% daily PROTEIN, FIBER and CALCIUM.  
Heart Thrives are made from ingredients with a low glycemic index that metabolize slowly providing sustained energy for hours. 

They come in delicious flavors like Chocolate Chip, Cranberry, Apple, Apricot, Raisin, Date and Poppy Seed. I loved these hearty hearts! They are literally heart shaped, dense, chewy and the taste is wonderful. So far I have sampled the Chocolate Chip (first of course) which won me over because it tasted like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with big chips and a sweet chewy heart. Also, the Poppy Seed which was oh so good -- I love poppy seeds and rarely find them in anything anymore so this was a treat. And the Date one, which had such a great sweet flavor that only dates can lend to food.
Suncakes, "A Meal in a Cake":
It's an oatcake. A perfect food. High in fiber, high in protein, low in fat, made without wheat, oil, dairy, cholesterol, salt, or guilt!
Suncakes are an ideal blend of complete proteins and clean carbohydrates made from oats, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, soy protein concentrate, soy flour, dried fruit & fruit juice.
California Suncakes™ are 97% fat free and provide 30% of your daily protein and fiber needs.

I also found Suncakes to be a dense, chewy and oat filled treat. They did differ in the consistency and flavor but were equally as delicious. Suncakes come in Apricot, Cranberry, Apple, Date, Poppy Seed and Chocolate Orange. So far I have sampled the Poppy Seed and LOVED it. I could see myself eating these every single day and never tiring of this flavor. I just love that they use dates in their food-- they are perfectly sweet, so good and nutritious to boot!

So if you are looking for great meals on the go, snacks, hiking food, biking food or anything in between check out The Healthy Baking Company-- they really know how to make healthy taste good!