Frozen Faves

Quite a while back I posted my frozen faves list in honor of frozen food month. One of those on my list is Michael Angelo's fine Italian products. When it comes to frozen Italian Michael Angelo's is hands down the best the freezer section has to offer. They have quite a big selection of favorites like lasagna, eggplant (my favorite), alfredo, shrimp and many more!

"Each of Michael Angelo’s delicious appetizers, entrĂ©es and sauces is handcrafted from Sara’s authentic Italian recipes, using only the natural, wholesome ingredients found in a genuine Italian kitchen. In order to ensure that you provide your family with a delicious and nutritious meal, we use only 100% premium meats, authentic Italian cheeses, 100% durum wheat semolina pasta, fresh herbs and spices, fresh vegetables, and specially selected, vine-ripened tomatoes."

Log onto to their website to view all the delicious entrees that can be on your families table in about 10 mintues and also register for the trip to Italy they have going! Maybe I shouldn't have told you about the trip, I think I just lessed my odds.