We Got Balls!

A lot of the topics I have been talking about lately have been centered around being eco-friendly, recycling and just reducing our waste as much as possible. So my brother and I were talking about one of our upcoming golf outings and how badly we needed new golf balls. He was making fun of me as usual and said I would probably buy used golf balls for us to use. BRILLIANT!  Save some cash and reuse-- whats not to like? So off I went to jump on google to search "used golf balls"-- sure enough there are whole sites that just sell them. I poked around and finally found a retailer, Used Golf Balls Deals, that is affordable, has a great shipping policy (free over 75.00) and most importantly specializes in used golf balls. Are you a fan of golfing like we are? Sad the season is ending soon? There is indoor golf don't forget! What are your favorite golf balls and would you consider buying used? My shipment will be here early next week so watch for my upcoming post all about them!