If You Care

Using environmentally products should be on the top of everyone's priority list. We can do simple things everyday like recycling, reusing and just reducing what we use and put out. This year around our house we have tried to make our own impact by cloth diapering (diapers are VERY environmentally unfriendly),using less in general and buying as many eco-friendly products as possible. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find household items when you are out shopping that it is why you should take a look at the large product line by If You Care. Their lineup includes coffee filters, baking products and aluminum foil. Each product boasts these great facts:
·           100% unbleached paper products which help reduce the amount of toxins in our lakes and streams and 100% recycled aluminum foil which can be used over and over again
·           All manufactured materials are made from renewable resources
·           Only vegetable-based inks are used for printing and graphics
·           All packaging materials are made from recycled paper
·           Landfill safe paper products
·           Biodegradable paper products

        If You Care was kind enough to share some of their great products with me to review and I had a chance to try out the aluminum foil and the baking cups so far, these items have been superior to what I normally purchase and make me feel a lot better too! I can not wait to try their snack/sandwich bags which are made from renewable resources and not filled with the plastic bases most sandwich bags use. So how can you get your hands on some of If You Care's great stuff? Well, you can head over to Whole Foods or you can enter to win an If You Care baking gift pack right here on my blog! So to get in on this shoot me an email and let me know why you would like to win this and which item excites you the most! You have until Wednesday September 21st to get your entry in-- good luck!