Powered By Nature

Are you ever wary of trying "all natural" cleaning products? To be honest, sometimes I am. I try and live as natural and eco-friendly as possible but I have had some not so great experiences going green in this regards so sometimes I steer clear of this stuff. Ecover was so confident that they have the natural solution to household cleaning (including dishwashing and laundry) that they let me try their stain remover out. So far, so good. I removed splashed green bean and peaches puree from my son's khaki pants with no problem whatsoever and it sounds like this stain fighter is up for ever tougher challenges:
Got stains?  Grass, grease, mud and blood are no object for our power-packed Stain Remover.  The built-in brush starts the job on stubborn stains before the washing machine even gets going.  

I did LOVE the built in brush feature! Generally I spray and then have to rub with my fingers or rub the fabric together for quite a while-- this was much easier and I am sure helps in the stain removal process. Want to be more eco-friendly in your home? Check out Ecover and let me know what you think. You can buy it online here. They too have a blog you can follow, a facebook page you can visit or follow them on twitter.