Live. Learn. Grow.

That's the motto of Gaiam. If you are familiar with Gaiam you probably know that they carry great Yoga products from mats to dvd's ( I am currently hooked on this AM/PM dvd) but Gaiam is so much more too! "Gaiam is a lifestyle media company that focuses on conscious solutions for personal transformation. We offer the resources you need to achieve self-growth, live a healthy lifestyle or to positively transform your life. Our personal growth media empowers you to create your own personal development path toward the life transformation you seek."
In the Gaiam store I was shocked to discover the wide array of products they carry that all fall in line with living a healthy and positive life. My favorite section was the casual clothing all made from earth friendly fabrics with versatile styles ranging from super casual zip ups to high fashion sweaters. I chose to get the "Light Weight Crewneck Sweater":

 And the "Long Sleeve Center Pleat Top"
Both items are from their Holiday Collection but for me will be wardrobe staples. The sweater is much more gorgeous than the picture can even highlight-- it is beautifully woven and has a very complimentary cut that will look amazing with a nice pair of black pants or with a pair of jeans and boots. The pleat top is also so versatile and will also look great with a nice pair of pants or jeans. I was amazed at how soft both of these tops are and how comfortable they are. I love the Gaiam line for mom's on the run who want to look fabulous but be comfortable at the same time-- all the while being eco-smart in sustainable fabrics! Hop on their store website to find everything from yoga wear, casual clothing, health & beauty items as well as home decor. Its a one stop shop for your earth friendly shopping needs. *They have a free shipping offer going on right now*