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Ever since I was little nuts have been a snacking staple for me. My dad actually used to buy giant bags of mixed nuts that were still in the shells and sit around using a nut cracker to open each one. My favorites are cashews (number one) and almonds coming in at close second. Yumnuts now has both gourmet cashews and almonds, I was able to sample the delicious Toasted Coconut cashews. Generally I try to eat my nuts raw because I hate that most nuts are roasted in oils, which they simply do not need but Yumnuts does not use any oil to roast their yummy cashews (or almonds) they simply dry roast them-- perfect! The Toasted Coconut flavor is to die for. I am an avid coconut fan anyways so take cashews and wrap them in a coconutty topping and I am in nutty heaven. These cashews were buttery and rich like cashews should be but then had a coconut outside, I don't know how else to describe it but it was like a thin shell of goodness. They have quite a variety of other flavors too-- I would love to try the Chocolate or Touch of Honey as well.