I have NO clue what “Crunch drying” is but I love it! Sensible Foods makes quite a wide array of these wonderful dried items. Here are some of the things that make this product so fabulous (besides the taste):
• 100% Natural and Organic
• Equal to 1 “weight watcher” point for all you “watchers” out there
• Each bag is part of your “5 a day”
• Fat free (except sweet corn, soy nuts and edamame but these have good fats)
• No added sugar
• No preservatives
• GMO free
• Convenient single serve bags
• Kosher
So the varieties include: Cherry Berry, Sweet Corn, Tropical, Apple Harvest, Orchard, Edamame and Soy Nuts.

Naturally, I thought the Cherry Berry was going to be my favorite with the apples, strawberries, cherries and blueberries. And it was LIP-SMACKINGLY good. But the Orchard Blend (apples, peaches, apricots), Sweet Corn (and I don’t even like corn) and Soy Nuts stole my heart.
I had to sneak in a picture of the sweet corn for you to get the idea!

The Orchard Blend was so refreshing and fruity, the Corn was crunchy and sweet with a touch of sea salt and the Soy Nuts were soooooooo nutty and yummy. I never knew I LOVED soy nuts. Visit their website and they are nice enough to tell you the health benefits of all their great offerings. I highly suggest trying the Soy Nuts and Corn. I guarantee they are nothing like you have ever tasted. Here are some pictures of the products so far!