All Natural Body Care for Kids

If you have been following me at all in the last 9 months you know that I am borderline obsessed with what goes into Max and also what I use on him. I want only the best for him and to me that is using all natural products. I was so impressed to learn that Tru Kid is an all natural line but also has the best kids safety rating possible, I LOVE this. Not only does Tru Kid make it their mission to be safe for kids but they are also concerned about the environment. I recently got the SPORT TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen and love that it is non-toxic and is made of ingredients like aloe, green tea oil, pomegranite juice and still is water resistant and offers UVA/UVB protection at a rating of SPF 30.

They have tons of other products (not just for kids) like their baby line, grownup line, bathwash, detanglers-- you name it. But my favorite has to be the Silly Shampoo! The shampoo is a mild one that is perfect for super sensitive skin that washes away surface oils but keeps the natural oils. It has a great citrus-ey scent probably due to the coconut, orange and grapefruit. Check it out for your little ones!