A Stocking Stuffed

When I was a teenager my Dad got married and I finally had someone who filled my stocking with "girls" stuff. She would would stuff it to the brim with Avon products like chapsticks, lotions, scented deodorants-- you name it. I absolutely loved it and loved Avon ever since then. I remember pouring over those little magazines filled with goodies picking out the best  scents and it was always packed with great deals. So with all those fond memories I was so happy when I found out that Avon has a baby line-- Tiny Tillia.
"Originally sparked by a mother's love for her children, Tiny Tillia by Avon is a world of charming baby products designed to turn everyday routines into special moments for mother and child. The softest cotton babywear. The smartest developmental toys. The most inspired nursery decor. The highest quality bath and body products."
So lucky me, I got to review some of Tiny Tillia's baby line and see for myself if they lined up with the quality Avon products that I have been using for 10+ years now. If you browse the website you will see they have everything from bathtime (which is my focus), baby wear, playtime, nursery decor, blankets and accessories. Tiny Tillia sent me their Calming Moisturizing Lotion which was just as described-- lightly fruity, absorbed quickly, light-weight and not greasy at all. I loved the smell and the texture to the lotion-- it was a baby smell but was really fresh and fun, the texture was really as described and I was able to put a sleeper on right after applying the lotion.

I also loved the Dilly Pig Bath Mit-- so cute, affordable and would make a great basket stuffer for a baby shower. I love that it is a fun character for bathtime AND is so soft, perfect for that delicate skin.
So go check out Tiny Tillia-- they have an array of products for baby and some for mom too! Let me know what you find!