Do you use cloth diapers?

We are a family of cloth diaper lovers. It was not love at first use, that is for sure. Honestly, they are a pain but the payoff is worth it. They take a lot of washing and assembling and I feel like you deal with a little more when it comes to leaks but maybe that is user error! Anyways just one month after having our rather expensive cloth diapers they STUNK after washing them. We tried everything and even ruined a few with bleach! After extensive internet searching we found out about Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent. Rockin' Green is not just for cloth diapers it is a great detergent for anyone wanting to use eco-friendly products that do an awesome job cleaning up your laundry. Rockin' Green has three types designed specifically for the type of water you have-- Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Classic Rock. Since we do not have either really hard or soft water we opted for the Classic Rock and with an array of natural (and fun) scents it was hard to choose but we settled on "Motley Crue".

 I bet you wish you had a chance to try out Rockin' Green for yourself! Well actually you do, the folks at Rockin' Green are offering up a 45/90 load bag in your choice of formula and scent. To win this please send me an email and tell me what your stinkiest laundry is and which formula/scent of Rockin' Green you would like to try. You have until Wednesday September 21st at midnight to get your entry in. Good luck!